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I'm a crafty mom who specializes and is passionate in many forms of art - photography, poetry, food art, toddler arts & crafts. I decided to do at least one simple project a day that will benefit both my toddler and I. And for every artwork or craft I do, my toddler, Orked witnesses it and starts playing or grabbing it. This helps her learn in the form of sensory play, whereby everything she touches & explores will help stimulate her brain. I therefore also decided to document all these artworks while my toddler is trying to explore them, hence her hand is seen reaching out or playing with the crafts or even food art. I documented all these via a hashtag called #OrkedsHand on my Instagram account, @azaliasuhaimi. This documentation is a photography series where I play with bright colours and a minimalistic theme. The series has helped parents when I share on arts or playing ideas for their little ones, and also anyone in general when I photograph inspiring quotes or poetry that I do in brushletter form with Orked's hand also trying to reach it. In a way, if I document this for long, I can see how Orked has grown (even just through her hand) & how her interest evolves over the months or years.

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