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Kopi Soh

Kopi Soh
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Stick It To Me was created driven by the desire to help put a smile on terminally ill kids' faces. It was founded by Kopi Soh. These positive healing art was meant to make those who are battling congenital or chronic illnesses and other terminal diseases feel less alone. These children are couped up in their hospital beds day in and day out. They are often frighten, sometimes alone, and being prodded with painful tests. These healing art either drawn by Kopi Soh herself, or donated by various artists are also a way to show support and give strength to the families to continue fighting tirelessly to keep their child alive. Healing art requests comes in from individuals, hospice, hospitals and support groups from all over the world. Our Mission: - Let us reach out to embrace what is seen all around us, feel this in our hearts, then express what we must do. For us it is through our "healing" art. Each of us has a special purpose that we all come to share, either by giving guidance or nurture or just show that we truly care.

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